The (FREE!) Air Force Armament Museum in Fort Walton Beach

5 Shell-ey’s

Who doesn’t love a FREE museum?  This place is great. It’s the Air Force Armament Museum.  You will drive right by the museum on your way into Fort Walton Beach (and on the way to our condo!)  The entrance is right off of Hwy. 85.  As a matter of fact I took this picture of the “bomb” entry sign right out of my car window.  The great thing is if you don’t feel like getting out of the car, there is a large circular drive that encircles the museum.You can drive by the jets, planes, helicopters, and more that are spaced all around the property and/or you can go inside the museum to see more. So if it’s too hot outside or you just don’t feel like walking, you can check out everything by driving. If you do want to get out and explore or let your kids run wild after a 16 hr. drive, then it has sidewalks that take you all around the displays with signs that tell of the type of plane, model, history, you know….museum stuff.Check out this MONSTER of a tire!! Some of these planes are so enormous you almost can’t get a grasp of their size!And others are sleek and cool like the Blackbird below.  From old to new there are all sorts of planes for you to check out.

You can get up close and look inside the windows like we did on this tiny, old black plane below.Next, we headed inside the FREE museum to see more of what the air Force Armament Museum has to offer.

We saw a F-15 trainer which was a pilot’s seat with hundreds of buttons, controls, and the drivers stick.  My son had a blast sitting in the seat and mashing everything he could get his hands out.  This was a highlight of the museum for him.Many more planes and history, guns and bullets, bombs and artillery were inside the museum as well as a gift shop.They also had planes hanging from the ceiling.  You could also walk up the stairs to the second story which was just a balcony all the way around the perimeter of the museum.  You could look down and see the center of the museum at all times.  They had flat screen TV’s upstairs with video of planes and pilots and benches where you could sit and watch.  My son liked the window with many miniature planes inside.We had a great time as you can obviously see.  My son is so into planes and jets right now it’s a fun, free thing for us to do together.  He is entertained the entire time and who knows…..maybe he’ll fly a plane one day!What’s YOUR favorite plane?

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion…my boys loved seeing all the massive jets! This was a great activity for us on a day it was a little too cool for the beach.

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