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I love our area!! There are so many things to do down here.  And because of that, we often just walk into free fun things to do on the beautiful Florida Panhandle.  In April, we headed out for the day to let the kids play in the ocean at Destin West on Okaloosa Island and the Kitty Hawk Kite Festival at The Boardwalk was going on!IMG_1794 I found out it was actually the 9th annual Fort Walton Beach Kite Festival.  They have kite demos, kite instruction, face- painting, kite-making, and activities for the kids, which we missed, but the kites were enough entertainment for us.  And even though the sky was overcast and clouds were everywhere, we didn’t care.  WE LIVE ON THE BEACH!  And who else can say that?  Maybe not even you. ;)  So the kids played in the waves while we watched the amazing kites flying high in the air.IMG_1790And I’m not talking el-cheapo, dinky kites.  These are awesome, enormous kites floating in the sky in all different cool sizes and shapes drifting up and down.  The kids were so excited and it gave us something else to do on this very overcast and cloudy day….but perfect for flying kites.IMG_1791I took “B”, my youngest niece down to the area to get a closer look at these enormous kites.  There were fish, octopus, crabs, rainbow kites, a tiger, and my favorite….the Scuba Diver!  The wind flowed through his limp arms and legs and it looked like he was swimming in the air.  Even his flippers were moving as he “swam” up and down.  It was so cool!IMG_1795A lady for Kitty Hawk Kites came over to “B” and asked her if she wanted to fly one?  OH MY, what a thrill for my baby niece.  To fly a kite!!!!  She handed us this adorable orange Octopus.IMG_1803Look at this face?  It says it all.  She was so proud to be flying a kite all by herself. You go “B”!!IMG_1801IMG_1796We flew the orange Octopus and named him some silly name and watched Mr. Orange Tiger leap up and down trying to catch a ball.IMG_1797I know Kitty Hawk Kites puts on these kite festivals throughout the year all along the coast.  As a matter of fact, I was just reading our recent local Emerald Coast or E.C. magazine and caught on article on the upcoming Kite Festival August 24-26.  It’s going to be at The HarborWalk Village just 5 miles away from our condos.  There will also be a Paddleboard Race around the Destin Bridge.  Free activities are offered for the kids so don’t forget to head on out and enjoy the beauty and fun of kite flying!!

Kitty Hawk Kites

1450 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE,

Fort Walton Beach, FL ‎

(850) 796-0102

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