Inlet Beach-Panama City Beach/Rosemary Beach

5-Shells5 Shell-ey’s

If you blink, you’ll miss Inlet Beach which is between Rosemary Beach and Panama City Beach off of Hwy. 98.  When I visit my sister, we love going here as a family because the beaches are less crowded.  There aren’t any condominiums in this area, just houses… some old, some new.  So that makes for views of prime white sand spreading out for miles and swimming without having to pass a bazillion people along the way (although it was crowded on Memorial Day).kids-running   The public beach access we often go to is on Orange Street and W Park Place Ave.  We pick Orange Street because there are BATHROOMS at the pavillion!  And when you have kids, that’s a must (or anyone with IBS ;).bathrooms And it has showers which is also helpful in getting off all that sand on tiny feet, sand pails, and chairs.ShowersAlthough I have to admit, in keeping beach chairs, umbrellas, & beach toys permanently in my car, it is nice to have a lil’ sand in your car when you live in the coast like we do!   But what I would REALLY love is to have sand in my old, awesome, kick-butt, surfer, antique Bronco like this one parked at Inlet Beach the day we arrived.  I don’t know who you are, but you are C-O-O-L.  Ohhhhhhh, to own one of these.  Anyone listening out there??BroncoOkay, back to reality…..there’s a long boardwalk taking you out to the ocean.  What a view!  It’s also right next to some state owned land so it’s nothing but beautiful sand dunes and natural vegetation.boardwalk viewAdditionally, they have lifeguards here at times with the typical flags waving letting you know what’s going on with the ocean, tide, marine life, etc… That helps because we do have undertows at times which can be quite dangerous and other marine life like jellyfish during certain seasons.  So this bit of info is always helpful.  And what mom doesn’t want a life guard on duty to help in keeping her kids safe?beginning-boardwalk

Okay, so you have the basic info of Inlet Beach, now for the MOST ADORABLE picture I have probably ever taken and it’s probably not my photograph skills but because my models are THE MOST adorable little 7 and 8 yr. olds in the world, best friend’s, Megs & Mags.meg-maggieMeg-Maggie-boardwalkDon’t you remember having a best girlfriend like this?  Those were some of the best times.  I love being around my niece Meg and her bestie Maggie.  Maggie had on Meg’s bathing suit.  Do you remember the time when you shared clothes and dressed alike?  They are so cute!!!  They also practiced their front walk-overs and wanting “Auntie Shell-Shell” to watch try after try.
Here is the amazing walk-over sequence.Cartwheelupside-downMeg-Maggie-FallFall-out in the end.  I remember practicing my round-off-back-handsprings in the sand growing up.  This brought back so many memories.  So here’s to all my sweet girlfriends growing up with some of the most innocent and fun memories (including dance routines that just would never end), Jennifer, Ashley, Frances, and Amy….. I love you girls!!!

La Crema Tapas & Chocolate-Rosemary Beach

5-Shells5 Shell-ey’s

Written by Ashley Wallace

(Shelley’s beloved and “FAVORITE” sister)

Thanks for the write-up Ash…..when are you gonna take me on a date night to La Crema, huh?

Date night! My husband and I decided to try the recently opened “La Crema” in Rosemary Beach. La Crema is a recently opened tapas/chocolate bar. It is located on Main Street (ocean side) right behind the town hall. The owners were inspired by a recent trip to Spain where they discovered little bite size, finger food type dishes called tapas. Their love for tapas, Spain and chocolate inspired them to create this restaurant. The restaurant is super cute with tables outside along Rosemary Beach’s cobblestone streets. There is inside seating as well. The inside is decorated all in whites and natural woods with really cool artwork from local artist Jen Tanksley.  It was a lovely evening so we chose to sit outside.

Our waitress was very friendly and helpful. She explained the menu to us and showed us all of the gluten-free options (they have quite a few!). Our first round, we decided to go with the lamb lollipops with rosemary and the chili honey chicken. The lamb lollipops were so tender and were cooked in this wonderful wine sauce. They came with paprika potatoes which were crispy and so good! My husband chose the chicken and I was a little disappointed – some kind of honey chicken? How boring! But I was so wrong!  The chicken was skewered with pineapple and it was anything but boring. It was moist and the sauce that all of it was cooked in was really flavorful and delicious.

We discovered while eating that the cool thing about tapas is that you can keep putting in more orders if you are not full. The next order comes so quickly. The only bad thing about tapas is that your tab can really start to grow fast! So if you are money conscious, watch out!live streaming film Alien: Covenant 2017 online

After our two dishes, we were still not quite full so we ordered the country paella. For those of you who are not familiar with paella, it is a Spanish dish that use a a very cool spice called saffron. Paella is a lot like gumbo, not in flavor or in consistency but in that it can be made either with seafood or various meats. The country paella had chicken, serrano ham and chorizo with tomatoes and peppers simmered in a saffron broth. It was definitely the best paella I have ever had. Saffron has such a cool, unique flavor and the way they blended it all together was fantastic! The perfect end to our tapas experience! (Notice I did not say “perfect end to our evening”)

Now onto what everyone raves about at La Crema – the chocolate bar! I mean everyone raves about the food at La Crema but a chocolate bar deserves some special attention! We had a hard time choosing what to start with. We had heard people totally freak out about the chocolate soup and the churros and chocolate. We decided to try the chocolate dipped bacon and the hot chocolate molten cake. The chocolate dipped bacon was an interesting blend of salty, smoky and sweet and they give you just enough so that it is not overwhelming. It was a fun pick for sure. Again, I was disappointed with the idea of a molten cake. Every chain has a molten cake for its dessert but our waitress promised that we would be blown away with their version and we were! THIS molten cake was AMAZING! It had a depth and a richness that blew TGI Friday’s away. It was just too good!

We are now huge fans of La Crema! I can’t wait to eat there again!

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