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Rosemary Beach,, is the last “perfect” little town along 30-A.  It is also right before the bridge that takes you into Panama City Beach.  I think it might be my favorite because it reminds me of Europe or a little Swiss town (although I have never been, so I guess that doesn’t make sense at all).  All of the houses spill out into a town square which creates community.  They have a town hall and a post office which is indicative of most 30-A towns.  The developers left all the natural brush and trees on the land so even though the houses are quite large, you still have beautiful water oak trees lining the streets or hovering the homes.Large sidewalks and plenty of pedestrian walk-ways make it easy for leisurely bike riding.  The homes are beautifully neutral in color and are made of stucco, wood siding, or cedar shingles.  Tiny alley-ways run throughout the housing.  Think Charleston or New Orleans.  Large porches are attached to many of the beautiful and tall homes.

I took my friend Janell around the town after church and we cruised along the brick sidewalks looking in shops, eating lunch, and finally grabbing an Americano….my fav. thanks to our adventures in Austria/Hungary/Czech Republic. I don’t think I could ever go back to drinking anything else!  It was a perfect day to have my perfect European travel buddy with me.

What do you love about Rosemary Beach?

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