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5-Shells5 Shell-ey’sMegAsh and I took the kids on a fun-filled night to Pier Park in Panama City Beach.  Our first stop was Kilwin’s for delicious ice cream!!  But let’s not stop there….they also make fudge, and chocolates of all sorts and sizes and flavors, and caramel apples, and many, many other delightful treats.  Aren’t you so glad I made this post before Valentine’s Day?  I am sure you can find the perfect chocolate truffle for that special someone (I love coconut BTW :)

The outside of the store has a huge glass window where you can see them making deserts.  We just happened to come in on the night they were making caramel apples.  YUM!  I saw on their website Tuesdays are buy one get one free caramel apples.  We’ll be back on a Tuesday fo show!  (FYI they have other BOGO specials on their website you might want to check out).

ApplesThe inside of the store has a large curved glass case with beautiful chocolate displays.  My mouth was melting.  And the smell in the store was oh-so-chocolateeee.  You cannot walk in here and NOT buy something.  There was a flat screen TV high up on the wall where you could watch homemade fudge being made.  I guess this is to entertain the customers waiting in line on a hot Florida summer day?  Or maybe it’s for mom’s like me whose kids cannot decide what ice-cream to get and have to taste-test everything.  It was pretty cool for the kids to see!  I mean who doesn’t like to watch fudge being made?InsideWell the kids were ecstatic.  I HAD to get some kind of coconut/chocolate ice-cream that was like a silky smooth Almond Joy bar.  I’m a softy for anything coconut.  I ordered a blue ice cream for my little guy.  The Kilwin’s ice cream dude told me it was good and tasted like fruity pebbles cereal in milk.  Ewww, in milk??  That sounded gross to me, but “sugary cereal in milk” taste for kids??  Hmmm, I’ll take one!  It was a HIT!Gid  My nephews got the chocolatiest chocolate, his fav. and a Spiderman rainbow ice cream.  I’m not sure if the Spiderman part was the actual ice cream title?  Or that my surfer-boy nephew threw that in there because he believes the rainbows have supernatural powers.  Either way, he loved it.  And I think it gave him some powers.Gray WilliamAnd the girls?  Um, this cutie pie gets anything pink. Surprised? Her favorite color.  It must have been raspberry.  What is it with pink and little girls?  But look at that face….puppy dog cute, I am telling you.  I think I want to eat her up more than the ice-cream.  She’s got some “Sas” to go along with those pursed lips and pink jacket as well.  Move over world, she’s 3 and will tell you allllll about it.

B  Well, as you can clearly see, we delightfully ate our silky smooth ice cream as the sun was setting into the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.  Can you tell by our crazed eyes and smiles we not only love Kilwin’s but are on a sugar high?  Thank you Kilwin’s for the wonderful treat!  We’ll be back.  Our sugar highs prepared us for our next stop…..the Pier Park carnival rides!  More of that fun on my next post….GroupSign


821 Pier Park Dr. On the Boardwalk, just north of Front Beach Rd.

Panama City Beach, FL32413Despicable Me 3 movie trailer




Mon–Thurs: 11am – 9pm
Fri & Sat: 11am – 10pm
Sun: 11am – 7pm


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