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by Ashley Wallace aka “Shelley’s Favorite Sister”

One of my favorite shops in Rosemary Beach is Gigi’s. Gigi’s is a children’s boutique and toy store. It is located right on Main Street and is so fun and friendly, you can’t help but walk in, even if you don’t have children!7 The red awning and bright sign immediately draw you to it along with the huge red cart on the sidewalk filled with outdoor toys.4As soon as you enter the shop, it is a little hard to take it all in. The store is filled from floor to ceiling, every inch of space is occupied with toys of every sort, jewelry, shoes and clothing. The coolest and most fascinating draw for my kids is the large model train that runs on tracks from the ceiling! It is so fun to see this large train doing figure eights and running the entire perimeter of the store! My kids stop and stare every time!6All of the clothes and shoes are darling although pretty expensive! I hear the owner really tries to purchase things that you can’t just find any ole place and she succeeds. The clothes really are precious!3 And with the toys it is the same way. Very unusual toys that you just can’t find at Wal-Mart or Target. They have anything from Spy Kits to jewelry, dress up clothes, huge stuffed animals knight sets, outdoor toys of every kind and games. My favorite toy was an engineering set for little girls. It just came out in specialty stores and is very hard to find but it is here at Gigi’s! Oh, and the staff is friendly and helpful.8Another thing that I love about Gigi’s is that the store is very active in the community. The store is always participating in their own unique way to bring joy to area children. For instance, in the summer, they set up huge art tables at the Kid’s Rock the Block Party. 2 Kids can decorate their own paper crowns with all kinds of stick on jewels, markers and stickers. So fun!1 They also set up a lemonade stand in front of Gigi’s EVERY Saturday during the summer. Kids man the stand, singing and laughing and drawing everyone to them.5 AND all proceeds of the stand go to the nearby animal shelter, Alaqua. Pretty cool, huh? So take my advice, and make sure that you check out this fantastic shop the next time you visit Rosemary Beach!

Gigi’s Fabulous Kids’ Fashions & Toys
62 Main street
Rosemary Beach, FL  32461

Give us a buzz, we’re happy to help!
888-353-6161 or 850-231-0110


  1. Becky Jasinski says:

    Hello Shelly! My husband, my 3 little ones, & I are all coming to vacation at 1 of your condos for the 1st time!! My children: Jake is 7, Ben is 4, & Riley Grace is 3months. We are SO excited & have had such an Incredible Experience setting all this up with your dad Bill! My boys are so excited for the lazy river, all the different pools, & of course the ocean~Smiles. Your blogs on here are Awesome! I am making note of Gigi’s, Cupcakes, & more restaurants you have noted. Thank you for having this available. God bless you & your sweet dad Bill! We are so grateful & on the countdown to Destin!!!!! Love & blessings, Becky Jasinski, Tennessee

    • Becky! I am so excited for you!! You will LOVE the condos, Destin West, Okaloosa Island, and our area! Promise!! WE DO! My Dad, Bill, is great and very sweet and helpful. I will pass that along to him. It will mean a lot.
      I am so very thankful for your response and enjoyment of the blog. I have about 10 I have yet to post and I was just thinking, ugh, I am getting overwhelmed with going to so many awesome places in our area and taking pictures but not enough time to post articles! The active 3 yr. old and rental business must be holding me back.
      I am writing one right now and am so backed up so please just let me or Bill know if you need any help with anything.
      Have a very safe trip and we look forward to having you.
      Many many blessings to you and yours as well. We do pray that our tenants are blessed with meaningful family time and rejuvenation on the beautiful bay and ocean.

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