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A TRUE Shelley’s FAV!

Dewey Destin’s is the PRIMO hole in the wall that is ohhhhh-soooo-gooood!!  What person doesn’t feel like being Columbus and say, “Eureka! I discovered something covered deep in the Destin jungle amongst lush water oaks hidden behind destitute shacks, pick-up trucks, fishing gear, and nets that no man has found before me and it’s simply wonderful!”  Well, you aren’t Columbus and many others have discovered Dewey Destin’s, but you will feel like an explorer as you drive down the dilapidated drive.The “restaurant” (or shack) is off the beaten path and you have to know what you are looking for.  Take an immediate left onto Calhoun Drive right when you cross over the Destin Bridge coming from Okaloosa Island.  Look under the tree branches and you’ll see the white Dewey Destin’s sign.  When you drive down the road, you have to swerve to miss potholes and slow down to avoid crumbling asphalt.  You think, “Am I driving onto someone’s private property? Does someone live here?”  Yes, but keep going and head for the water!  You’ll soon discover heaven.The staff cook up fresh seafood in the trailer, but keep going….you order in the shack.

Oysters? Shrimp? Beer?? SUNFLOWERS in front of a cute vinyl sign? What can be better??  I’ll tell you what can be better because I honestly do not like oysters (but some of you may).  The fish sandwiches are to DIE for! I always get the blackened and whatever is in season.  I think this day I had the grouper.  Holy Cow. Unbelievable.

After ordering your food in this tight, tight little space usually with a line going out the door, you can head out on the docks.  Or even better, pull your boat right up to the dock and hop out for a bite to eat!We always eat outdoors underneath the rainbow umbrellas sitting on picnic tables.  Don’t feed the birds!!!  But they are good entertainment for the kids.  My son and his cousin loved peeking off the dock into the clear water scoping out minnows and other fish that might swim by.  One day a seagull flew right above our heads and searched the water for his lunch.  There was a school of fish underneath us.  He would swoop down and plunge into the water and grab a fish with his beak over and over again.  The boys were delighted and honestly, so was I!

Your views are of the Destin Bridge, Crab Island, Choctawhatchee Bay, and beautiful coastline with large water oaks, docks, and boats owned by the locals.  It’s exciting on a day Crab Island is extremely shallow and hundreds of boats are anchored while people are out swimming, throwing footballs, or boat hopping.Oh thank you so much Dewey Destin’s for keepin’ it real and fresh!  I love the fact that you take us back to the old Destin.  Simple and easy. Read up on the history on their website.  It’s fascinating!

What’s YOUR favorite dish at Dewey’s?

(850) 837-7575
9 Calhoun Avenue
Destin, 32541

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