Crystal Beach-Destin

Oh WOW! Now THIS is what the Destin area and beautiful Florida panhandle are known for. I mean, I think I can just post these amazing pictures and you guys are probably already drooling and jealous of the fact that I live here. :)This is Crystal Beach which is on “Old 98”.  If you cross over the Mid-Bay Bridge just keep going straight until you hit the ocean.  Take a left and cruise along the ocean.  That’s “Old 98”.   There is public parking spaces along the road or tiny parking pavilions.  I talked Dad into taking a lunch break with me and my little boy.  What a lunch break!

The water was crystal clear this day (hence Crystal Beach) and man, were we in heaven!  Soft white sand, emerald green water, beautiful sand dunes and sea oats, clear skies.  This was some kind of day.  And the water was a perfect temperature.  My little boy had so much fun just playing in the water and running in the waves.I just don’t even know what to say anymore and you probably are not even reading anymore. Just take a look at these pictures and let Crystal Beach speak for itself.

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