Camp Helen State Park- Inlet Beach/Laguna Beach/Panama City Beach (Post 2)

…continued from Camp Helen State Park Post 1

So we took the long walk down the sandy path towards the beach, .6  Along the way, we saw beautiful picturesque scenes like Lake Powellbridge bridge-2 and gorgeous water oaks.OaksWe had to carry the little kids after a bit of walking.  That sand is hard for little ones to walk in and even harder when you are carrying one, whew!  But when the kids saw the water, they took off for it.  Even though we went to Camp Helen on a windy, cooler day in the early spring, those kids still wanted to get in the ice-cold water!  We told them to only get their feet wet (yeah right).  Shorts were coming off in the end.  Good thing we had a change of clothes.  (Note to self when living in the south by the beach, keep a change of clothes for the kids at all times.  It should be a part of your emergency pack.)kids The remnants of the old fishing pier destroyed by hurricanes is still on the beach at Camp Helen.  You can read about the history of it on their website.  Some fisherman were out having some fun while we were trying to keep our kids away from their lines. :/megThe kids had a blast in the water, as the adults enjoyed sitting on the sand and keeping warm (smart).  Next, we headed back to where Lake Powell meets the sandy shoreline of the beach.lake-pass  At times the lake does reach the ocean.  The water from the lake just meanders up to the ocean.  It’s very shallow and the kids love to play and look for shells or day ended with fun, sun, sand, and the famous “plumber pose”. Nuff said.bootySo if you are looking for history, picturesque settings, serene lake views, beautiful beaches, fun for the kids, romantic walks, then head down to Camp Helen and enjoy the reasons why I am so thankful we HAVE state parks in our country.  A place for all to rejuvenate and enjoy what God has made :)

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