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My new dream? To be a Blue Angel.  Is that too much to ask?  We had SO much fun at the Blue Angels air show in Pensacola today….my hometown and the official home of the Blue Angels.  Am I a lucky girl or what?Me, my mom and my son first headed to the annual Pensacola Art Festival.  (Click here to see the post).  Next, we headed to the Blue Angels air show.  What a fun day we had!   It’s so wonderful to live in a place like the Florida Panhandle that has so many awesome FREE events for everyone.  My mom is such an adventurer.  She was up for the 1 hr. drive to downtown Pensacola from Niceville and from there it was a quick 10-15 minutes to the Naval Air Station (NAS) base.

The adventure started with getting to the base which was easy.  But once we drove through the gates, there were no signs as to where the air show was held.  Isn’t that odd?  So we just sort of followed traffic.  We made it to the National Naval Aviation Museum passing tons of parked cars along the road.  I remember as a child hiking what seemed miles after the air show to get back to the car and I did not want to do this again.  Tip: Don’t forget to bring a lawn chair or blanket.I read on the Blue Angels website that there were shuttles provided at different stations.  Score! Because I forgot my son’s stroller (good one Shell).  But again, I didn’t see any signs for shuttles? I told my mom, let’s pray for a parking space close to the air show.  So, again guessing as to where the air show was taking place, we pulled into the museum and “created” a parking space for ourselves like others were doing.We parked and a passing gentleman told us to “follow that fence and walk through the trail”.  We hiked a ways and then noticed we were OUTSIDE the perimeter of where the show was taking place.  We parked our chairs under a tree in a shady spot because being typical Florida, it was HOT even though in November.  Plus the show had already started and I thought, Well, all of the planes will be in the air so what does it really matter where we sit?But with a 2 1/2 year old, know matter where you are, the show was a blast! It was so exciting to see the Blue Angel jets zoom by!  And I think it was best for us to sit far away because of noise factor.  Those jets are STILL seriously loud.  I got this hilarious shot of my little boy.  Classic.  Don’t forget they have a Kids Zone inside with jumping castles, virtual games, bungee jumping and more!  We just couldn’t stay that long with missing a nap.These pilots have to be the cream of the crop too, not just great pilots maneuvering tricks in the air at 700 mph.  I looked up the crew for this year and their accolades are unbelievable, Not only can they fly, but they are amazing in all standards. WOW! I am so proud of our Navy.  It feels great to support our military.  You can also stay after and get autographs from the pilots!  We’ll try that when G. gets older.  The show was so exhilarating I can only describe it as when you are first falling in love and you are so smiley and excited and energized.  How do these jets do this?  Maybe it’s because 1 in a million actually fly a jet and they are unbelievably fast and cool and amazing.  The tricks the Blue Angels can accomplish!  This was an awesome 6 jet formation.

This was a peel-off and looks sort of like a firecracker exploding.  It was probably at this point I was playing the “Highway to the Danger Zone” song in my head from Top Gun.

Check this one out….the plane was UPSIDE DOWN!  This website also has an amazing shot too!And I don’t even know what this one was called, but 2 Blue Angels looked like they put on their brakes and were flying so slowly vertically as if they were skidding across the air.  It was amazing!Look how low to the ground this formation is?  And check out how close the jets are to each other.  I hear they are going around 700 mph.Mom was saying, isn’t it wonderful that the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron is free to the public?  Yes it is!  So come out and support our military and see the Blue Angels fly.  It’s well worth the trip.

And Blue Angels, you have a new #1 fan!  Look at my cute Mom!!Gran and G. looking up at the planes.  They’re definitely B.F.F.

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